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Hi, I'm Anders

My name is Anders Boye Knudsen. I’m a jazz musician who plays upright bass. Currently studying music at the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg. I play concerts and jams, compose, arrange music and record the good stuff as well.

If you ever visit Aalborg, you’ll probably find me playing at one of the many jazz venues in town, and if you do, I’m always up for a jam!

Anders Boye Knudsen bassist

All about the jazz

When I attended the music academy FrontSession I decided on the upright bass, and with that came the jazz. Since then, it’s been my primary focus and all my composition and arrangement efforts have been channeled directly into jazz.

Luckily I’ve settled in Aalborg, which has one of the most promising and inspiring jazz scenes in Denmark at the moment! This gives me the opportunity to play with amazing people, such as Yannick Ballmann, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, Tadas Pasaravičius, Eyal Lovett and many, many other skilled musicians on a daily basis.

Open Jazz Jam

One of my recent projects is called “Open Jazz Jam”. OJJ is a series of jazz jams with a focus on accessibility for beginners and intermediates within the jazz genre to jam with more established musicians.

A varying house band consisting of 3-5 talented young musicians, primarily from MGK North and The Royal Academy of Music, hosts jams in different locations around all of northern Jutland and incorporates aspiring musicians of all ages to play jazz and expand their network.

Every summer I’m hosting the Open Jazz Jam Summer Camp where we gather instructors from all of Europe to teach, inspire and play with the local musicians. The 2020 edition featured musicians as Sebastian Böhlen, Olga Amelchenko, award winning Nikolaj Svaneborg from Svaneborg/Kardyb and Erik Lunde Michaelsen.

Open Jazz Jam is special because it’s the only event that focuses on making room for musicians of all levels and making it easy to fill your repertoire with new tunes in an open minded environment.

Besides the jam sessions, OJJ also features a very active Facebook group. The group features weekly new tunes to play and share, talks with great jazz musicians and an open forum for discussion of all types of jazz music.

OJJ is a really amazing project, but don’t take my word for it. Listen to what other people have to say below!

Press links:
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What is Open Jazz Jam?

Quarantine concerts and local commitment

The COVID-19 lockdown in Denmark hit musicians pretty hard, but from the chaos arose a new trend – live streaming of concerts. I took part in some “quarantine concerts” at the CDJ in Aalborg alongside some of my friends in JAZZ9TUS. 

The jazz community of Aalborg really came together during the lockdown and threw some great concerts despite being separated, bringing some culture to the people!

Many of the concerts were live streamed from the Center for Dansk Jazzhistorie, but there were also concerts from inside the church for maximum reverb and great hall sound.

I’ve become a board member of Center for Dansk Jazzhistorie, an active part of the JAZZ9TUS group while my commitment to the Open Jazz Jam course has led me to a large collaboration with musicschools, venues and jazzenthusiasts from all of Northern Jutland.

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