About me

Musician, Educator & Composer

After I played my first strings at the age of 12, my grandfathers old banjo, I started a lifelong journey and later a career that I’m thrilled about getting up to every morning!

“Don’t get a job, get a hobby and make that your job”

As a young student of the electric bass I could really see the enthusiasm in my teachers about their “work”. Still it took me some years to understand that music was the thing that I needed to do with my life. 

After I graduated from Danish business school in 2015 I was determined to try out the musician life. For 3 years I took several music courses, worked as a freelance musician with multiple bands, taught music at many levels and most importantly, I picked up the Upright bass!

Anders Boye Knudsen playing electric bass

Fløs Jam


Nordjyske - fotograf Martél Andersen

Nordjyske - fotograf Martél Andersen2




Anders Boye Knudsen bassist